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Wehrenberg Theaters in O'fallon, Illinois At O'Fallon Cine 15*

Wehrenberg Theaters in Cape Girardeau, MO at Cape West Cinema 14*
Wehrenberg Theaters Chesterfield, MO at Galaxy Cine 14 
Wehrenberg Theaters Mid Rivers Cine 14 in St. Peters, MO Cinema 14 *

Wehrenberg Theaters in St. Charles, MO at St. Charles Stadium 18*
Wehrenberg Theaters in Bloomington/Normal, Il at Galaxy Cine 14*
Wehrenberg Theaters in St. Louis, Mo at The Ronnies 20 Cine*
Wehrenberg Theaters In Arnold, MO at Cine 14*
Wehrenberg Theaters In Springfield, MO at Galaxy Cine 16*
Wehrenberg Theatres in Cedar Rapids, IowA at Galaxy 16 Cine *
Wehrenberg Theaters In Rochester, Minnesota at Galaxy Cine 14*

Wehrenberg Theaters In Des Peres, MO at Galaxy Cine 14*
Wehrenberg theaters in Dardenne Prairie, MO at Town Square 12*

* indicates exclusive theater in listed city where "belleville" will be showing for at least one entire week.

Auditions will also be conducted in this theater on september 5th and 6th. Tickets are now available to purchase.




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"Belleville" is a production of Ted Trent Studios and Circa87 Productions.